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What Is The Star Of The Sea - Sea Cadet Corps?

The Star Of The Sea - Sea Cadet Corps is a not-for-profit youth organization open to all boys and girls nine (9) years of age and older.

Our Corps was founded in 1954 in the parish of St. Frances de Chantal in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, by Msgr. John T. Halpern and Cdr.Frederick Ackerly. Originally established as the St. Frances de Chantal Sea Cadet Corps, our Corps was strictly a Naval Cadet Corps.

In 1987, our Corps expanded the scope of the programs and changed its name to what it is currently know as, The Star Of The Sea - Sea Cadet Corps, Inc.

The Corps is patterned after the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps & Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC). The main program of our Corps is comprised of leadership, education, training, and the basic concepts of military bearing and discipline. We try to instill in our members love of God, home and country; pride in themselves and the organization, spirit, cooperation and teamwork. The Corps has been in existence since 1954, and throughout the years it has helped thousands of young people to grow and mature into responsible adults.

Boys and girls are accepted into the Corps at nine (9) years of age and older, and advance in rate according to their skills and achievements. As a member successfully passes his or her assigned course, they will advance in rank and experience. As our members gain experience in military procedures and drill proficiency, various opportunities will open up to them. Eventually, one day they will be in a command position, passing on the knowledge that they gained as a cadet, to the cadets in their charge.

We offer 2 excellent programs for young adults ages 17 to 21. They are the Excelled Enlisted Training Program and the Midshipman Program.

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Star Of The Sea - Sea Cadet Corps

P.O. BOX 182
Throggs Neck Station
Bronx, NY 10465-0182
(917) 517-5369